Play The HOTTEST Modern "Blues Guitar Lessons" and Licks
Without Confusing Scales or Hard to understand theory
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Blues Guitar Lessons - How To Play Blues Guitar

“Playing Over Any Chord Progression”

In This 20 Minute Video You’ll Learn How To Play The Hottest Blues Guitar Solos
Without ANY Confusing Scales or Hard-to-Understand Theory.

A good friend of mine asked me about this just today and I realized that there are
probably lots of guys with the same dilemma.

I have had a TON of questions about playing blues solos and
how to play blues tastefully.

But particularly over minor chords and progressions is where most of the problems are.

The fact is…
Soloing over Minor Blues Chords is just as easy as
playing lead over ANY Major chord or progression.

So, without any theory or modes to think about and confuse you with, let’s unlock the
minor blues method and understand from top to bottom, the key to playing the blues
over minor chords.

Within about 2 minutes or less, you’ll realize that you’ve actually KNOWN this the whole
time But didn’t know where use it.
“You will get that “Light-Bulb” effect.

The short answer is this;
“The Minor scale is nothing more than a Major scale”…

When we play over blues progressions AND EVEN COUNTRY, We are actually playing an
expression of a very simple major scale (somewhere).

I’m always thinking of ways to apply guitar
theory in a simple & understandable format.

Reducing Complex Ideas into an Easy & Understandable Concept...

It happens to work wonders for 99% of us who don’t have
strict background in theory.

Whenever I’m feeling “lost” in a lead ride or solo, I always think outside the box to get
my ideas. Thinking in another “related” scale usually helps A LOT with my note choices.

In THIS short video, I’ll show you where I play
(and more importantly, Where I THINK) in ANY solo situation (Country & Blues)

I’m also going to provide you with a super cool brand new backing track.
So, GRAB YOUR GUITAR. DOWNLOAD The Video, Tab and Backing Track!

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Licks - Modern Country Guitar 2009

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